Today, in spite of advanced video conferencing, shared virtual environments, and gaming environments such as Second Life, it is still simply much more efficient to physically travel to remote location for business, scientific or family meetings—even if at a huge environmental, energetic and opportunity cost.

The science and technology developed in BEAMING will for the first time give people a real sense of physically being in a remote location with other people, and vice versa—without actually travelling.

BEAMING is a four year FP7 EU collaborative project which started on Jan 1st 2010.

BEAMING raises a number of ethical and legal issues that are familiar from existing virtual reality and telecommunications technologies.It also raises several novel issues.

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BEAMING featured on the European Commissions's Digital Agenda Website


Forget about crackly lines or blurry webcams. Video conferencing has just got a whole lot better.

By combining robotics, video and a host of other sensor and display technologies, European scientists can now virtually 'beam' you to locations on the other side of the globe. It may sound like science fiction, but this new approach can make it feel like you are really 'there'!

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BEAMING on local TV in Barcelona

beaming btv

BEAMING featured on local TV in Barcelona (Catalan)

Local journalist tries out Beaming for an interview with researchers at the EventLAB.

Mel Slater, BEAMING technical manager, interviewed in London by journalist "beaming" in from Barcelona


Josep Corbella, a jounalist with the LaVanguardia in Barcleona, took advanatge of the BEAMING platform to interview Mel Slater in London.

The full interview (in spanish) can be found here:

BEAMING put to the test by the BBC


Dr Mavi Sanchez-Vives Beams from Barcelona to London to be interviewed by the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones.

In a related piece about "Real-world beaming: The risk of avatar and robot crime"

BEAMING presented as part of the Barcelona Neuroscience "Secrets of the Brain" series.


120 members of the public turned out to hear researchers from UBs EventLab present "Tele-transporting yourself is now possible" as part of Barcelona's year of Neuroscience.

BEAMING YouTube channel launched!


The beamingavatar will be adding video from our research as work progresses during the next 3 years.

The channel can be accessed directly from the home page.

BEAMING 2011 gathered 40 researchers working on themes related to advanced telepresence and embodiment


Our first workshop was very succesful with a good cross section of researchers from this multi-disiplinary field. It's a challenging topic but the workshop concluded on a very optimistic note. You can download the abstracts from the BEAMING 2011 workshop tab above.

Some of the spakers will be invited to submit a paper to the MIT journal Presence later this year.

First BEAMING workshop to be held in Barcelona on June 14th 2011


Our first workshop will be held at the Cosmo Caixa science museum in Barcelona on June 14th 2011.

This workshop shall be held in conjunction with the Future BNCI 1-day workshop at the same venue on June 15th.

See: for more information on this FP7 Coordination Action for Brain Computer Interfaces.

BEAMING in the news!


 Our recent demonstration generated a lot of interest from the media in Spain.